Traveling to New York? Cool Activities to Do This Summer

New York State is a wonderland with countless entertainment options. Haul your summer vacation plans to this enchanting state that invites you with loads of cool summer activities. A bucket of locations may be best selected based on interests and the time of visit. There are special summer recreations in NYC, Long Island, Montauk, and Lake Placid. You have lofty vacation choices such as adventure trips, field tours, picnic, sightseeing, escape games, nightlife activities, and sports. There are many kids’ delight centers in NYC itself.

There are places for strolling, haunting with friends, banquets, cultural events, and more in New York State. If you are a history and culture fan, there are plenty of expedition sites including the MET, SOHO, AllenTown, and hidden spots like The Evolution Store in Broadway and Obscura Antiques & Oddities in East Village.

There are hotspots for fishing, picnicking, rambling, spa heating, and relaxing. Caribbean archipelagos in Cuba, Long Island, and the Thousand Islands are at the top of the hit list for beaches.


It is a mountainous region with thousands of lakes and ponds ideal for hiking, sightseeing, fishing, paddling, and kayaking. Hike along the mountains to capture beautiful vistas of mountains, waterfalls, rugged caves, and lakes. You may take an adventure coarse for roping, zip lining, jumping, rappelling, and treetop activities like tarzan swinging, sliding, and treehouse tenting.

For canoeing and kayaking, the favorite tourist spots in the Adirondacks are the Hudson River, Lake Placid, Oswegatchie River, and Hanging Spear Falls.

Lake Placid is the best place for trailing from villages to Cobble Hill, cycling, and biking. Land on some view points to capture splendid views of nature and relax. Mt. Whitney Road is the parking spot to start off your trip.

The Best Beaches

Besides many popular beaches, the following are untouched charms in Cuba and Long Island.

Cayo Santa Maria: You may go for dolphin play and scuba diving and some nightlife activities.

Playa Paraiso: Cuddled with the natural beauty of aqua crystal waters and white shiny sands, it is a great place to lounge in hammocks or chairs, snorkel, and head to the Tulmin ruins.

Sands Point Preserve: It has a short rocky beach, but there are a gorgeous estate, lush gardens, and trail paths.

Great Spots in NYC

NYC is a trove of amazing cool activities like boating, playing Escape Games NYC, epicurean feasts, hangouts, nightlife, and more. You may have fun, adventure, and a different experience from any chapters of Escape Games NYC.  The Staten Island, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Bryant Park are the most likely places for enjoying warm and relaxing summer activities.

For more info about escape games:


If you know me, you know without a doubt that I can be a walking disaster, in many different ways. So obviously, it was only me to land on a guided tour of London in the rain (until then, all is well), late and running, without an umbrella, a big quechua backpack on the back and with a broken camera. Add to that that the theme of the guided tour of London was luxury and desserts through the neighborhoods of Soho and Mayfair and it started rather badly …

A guided tour of London: discover the city differently

In three years of living in London, I have never made a single guided tour of the city. It is often said that living in a city and being a tourist is very different and I can only agree. I explored South London, my little secret and unusual corners, I walked the city and the city center in all directions and I think I know the city well. But how do you really know a city of this size, which evolves at every moment? It’s impossible and it’s the work of a lifetime. And that’s why I finally decided to take a guided tour, to discover neighborhoods I know very little and from a different angle for me: a guided tour of London through Soho and Mayfair, and especially through luxury, desserts and chocolate. It is far from my usual items on museums, unusual neighborhoods, vantage points and pubs in London and that’s good! Because yes, we can eat well in London, I already told you about it, but I had not spoken to you about London in the form of a sweets paradise! And yet!

After the burnout of travel, the inspiration

My roots, I find them also in all those who inspire me every day. And among them, there are the travel bloggers. This funny and big dysfunctional family, those distant cousins ​​that I almost never see or once a year. We do not really know each other, we know each other by heart, we have never seen each other but we speak online every day. We have problems sometimes, we fight, we hate each other, we adore each other, we are the best friends in the world. As I grazed the burnout trip a month ago, they help me every day and support me.

I’ve thought a lot about these last few weeks, you can imagine. And it’s with travel bloggers, travelers, those people who inspire me every day and that I know or not that I found a strength, a desire to move forward, to surpass myself, a desire to to write and to embark on new projects of travel and work. It was by walking every day, thinking about what I really liked to do and listening to Allô La Planète that I knew where I wanted to go. It was by talking on the phone and emails to these bloggers and travelers that I found the smile and the inspiration. I even had the click for a book thanks to one of them. It’s by going to the Travel Bloggers Lounge, as every year, that I had all these new travel desires, that I found my desire to chew the world. The last evening of this show, we were more than fifty bloggers to chat and eat merrily at Les Voyageurs restaurant in Saint-Malo. I looked at these tables, I looked at all these people, I saw their projects, their passion, their smiles, their ambitions, their inspiration and I smiled too. I belong to this great family , I feel wonderful and I found inspiration and one of my small roots.


An uprooted nomad

Last week, I was walking in Brittany, between sea, forest and menhirs. Brittany is part of me, since I studied there for three years and it was there that I became an adult and I started to build my vision of the world. I had not been back for more than eight years.

Looking at the menhirs of Monteneuf , from top to bottom, I felt very small. I felt uprooted too. They are several meters tall, but they only need a few centimeters deep in the ground to stand for thousands of years. And I, meanwhile, unlike a tree or a megalith, I have no roots. Still, I’m standing, pretty much.

Since I was little, my family has moved. This is the lot of postman families and it never bothered me. I’m a nomad , my family is nomadic and my ancestors probably did not hold up either. My parents moved, my dad keeps coming and going, my sister moves, my aunt too, and for the first time since I was born, my grandma, at over 80, is moving too. I have never had a family home, a familiar place to come back after a long journey and the grandma’s house and her village was a bit of one of my only constants. And this year she leaves and it makes me weird. Looking at the Pyrenees from its window, I felt nostalgic, but also invigorated, inspired and ready to live each day more intensely. I hope she also sees a bit of that by looking off, the white peaks of mountains that have accompanied her every day for years. Nostalgia and inspiration.

Where to drink a coffee in Berlin?

Berlin is also a perfect city to explore the coffee culture . Unfortunately, I did not take the time to explore the best cafes in the city and I only have a good address for you:

  • Berliner Kaffeerösterei

This time it was Mathieu who took me to discover an extra tea room west of Berlin. The program includes teas and coffees from around the world and sugar in all its forms. In short, the perfect place for a greedy like me.

To learn more and go for a coffee in Berlin, I also let you discover the article in English by Julika .

Urban exploration and local walks in Berlin

The good weather was not at the rendezvous during my Berlin week and I had little opportunity to walk outside. I just had time to enjoy a sunny Sunday walk along the canal near my apartment, to see the impressive Olympic stadium during a frenzied treasure hunt and to do some urban exploration. in the company of passionate bloggers. The urbex is indeed very practiced by the Berliners and it must be said that the city is a particularly favorable ground for this kind of exploration. Aline of Nowmadnow has a lot to say on the subject.

My first urban exploration session is not very authentic, but took us to a beautiful place. It was during a treasure hunt organized by Visit Berlin that I took a liking to this type of exploration. Using a photographic index, we first had to find a place in Berlin: this led us to the beautiful Art Deco swimming pool in Charlottenburg. Our reward? A visit to Teufelsberg , an abandoned place responsible for the history of the Second World War and the Cold War. The place can now be visited during organized visits or paying the entrance to a very uncomfortable guard. The view of Berlin is magical (you can get a similar view while climbing up the Grunewald hillnext door) and the place is great for photography and street art lovers .


Visit Berlin as a local

I already had the chance to visit Berlin as a tourist a few years ago for long weekends. Result: I know the tourist areas well. By cons, I had never really tasted the local life . I was able to catch up a little over a month ago, when I was in town for a blogging workshop, followed by ITB, a huge tourism and travel fair. On the program, work, work, networking and work.

It was an intense week, spent at the show and in transport, interspersed with some outings and adventures between bloggers. Finally, sleeping 5 hours a night, I had time to do a lot of things and investigate for you on local addresses that all Berlin knows or has yet to discover. Let’s go!

Where to eat like a local in Berlin?

In Berlin, we eat well and for cheap . My Berlin blogger friends (or not) took me on a tour of their gourmet addresses, so I share with you their finds. Watch out for extra pounds!

  • Max and Moritz , Wirthaus und Bühne

Without doubt the most tourist address of this article, because we met many French, but the locals come to feast too. A good and average budget place to sample typical German food. I let myself be conquered by goulash, bread and homemade beer.

  • Gozleme Restaurant

One snowy day in Finland , I met a couple of Brazilian bloggers living in Berlin. We became friends and since then they have made me discover real culinary delights in their neighborhood, Neukölln and Berlin. This small restaurant does not look, but Turkish food is inexpensive and fall. The Gozleme are filled breads and those with cheese will undoubtedly conquer you. But if you go to this restaurant, do not forget to try the manti , a traditional Turkish dish made of dumplingsstuffed with yogurt, garlic and spices. Yum!


Berlin , Berlin, Berlin. This is the only thing travelers have in mind when planning a trip to Germany . It was also my case, until this year. After my week as a local in Berlin , I decided to visit friends in the south for a week. A carpool ride later (it became one of my favorite means of travel), I found myself in Bavaria in Munich , in a world very different from the one I had left.

A bright sun had replaced the cold and drizzle. The atmosphere so special to the capital had of course disappeared, replaced by a good-natured atmosphere, a little snobbery and a lot of money. Instead of Berlin’s almost incoherent architecture, there were pretty buildings straight out of a Disney fairy tale. Finish the Döner, hello Knödel and other festivities. On the other hand the beer remains universally German … I really liked my short stay in Bavaria, enlivened by walks in the sun and on snowy lakes, restaurants outings and afternoons with friends. One thing is certain, it will certainly not be my last trip to Germany …

After that, head for the Baden-Württemberg countryside to visit another friend, Sarah , my faithful traveling companion. In the program snow, cold and total immersion in the life of a German family. Lots of food, card games, billiards, walks in the countryside, fireside parties and company. The best I think is that I let you discover all this in pictures …

The Best Beaches in Australia


As Australia is surrounded by the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, there are boundless sandy beaches. The country boasts with the beauty of a vast stretch of coastal, urban, and green lands. There is no limitation for staying longer, swimming, surfing, and whale watching in many beaches. The beach atmosphere offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Australian beaches are mostly immaculate and pollution free with world-class characteristics. Though it is hard to choose from the big list, we can determine the most striking beaches.

Let us discuss some popular and high-quality beaches in Australia.


Whitehaven Beach

It is the most beautiful and award winning beach in Australia. Bordered limitlessly, it is decorated itself with colorful reefs and pristine water. Another stand out feature is breathtaking northern end hill inlet, where the tides isolate sand and water to form wonderful patterns. The tourists would wonder as if these patterns are immaculate icebergs floating in water.

The beach boasts with its pure, luminous white silica sand. With this sun-drenched sand, it absolutely contrasts with the sapphire beach water. Unwind yourself from the work stress by wading into the warm water.

Wineglass Bay

Tasmania has plenty of beautiful beaches, of which Wineglass Bay is in the top of the list. The east coast of the beach is clam shaped flanking green mountains with aqua water. Though popular, this is a less frequently viewed beach and a great spot for kayaking, snorkeling, wildlife spotting, and trekking.

Bay of Fires

The blissful stretches of white sands with crystal greenish blue water spotted with many orange lichen granites are eye catchy. The name is derived from the term “Aboriginal fires.” It has deep channels with inlets and secluded beaches. It is an ideal spot for boating and fishing ramp, in addition to swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

Rainbow Beach

It is snuggled between Fraser Island and Great Sandy National Park. It is the perfect place for fishing, camping, parachuting, and surfing. You could watch wildlife species such as dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and others. Thus, it is one of the best beaches in Australia without any doubt.

Woolamai Surf Beach

It is the largest beach in Phillip Island, well known for penguin parades. With its high tides, it is a surfers’ paradise and also a delight for swimming and fishing. Phillip Island is ideal for motorcycle and car racing. Woolmai Surf Beach has pink steep sand with the widely spaced rips of the surfing spot.

Burleigh Heads Beach

Located on Golden Coast, it is the most visited one by flocks of tourists and local people. Though its beauty is taken by surrounding urban buildings, it is clean and population free. Swimmers, surfers, and lounging folks can have a great time here.

Hyams Beach

It has been registered in the Guinness World Records for its alluring vast stretches of whitest fine grain sand. Ideal for camping and fishing, it is crowded in high seasons and has to be visited in off-seasons to take the sting out of the sea breeze. You could watch a pod of dolphins and whales.

Noosa Main Beach

The palm-fringed golden sand and the sea breeze are the charms of this beach. It is well patrolled and has plenty of sea creatures. It is a great place for fishing and surfing. With the surrounding cafes and restaurants, it is ideal for long time stay and night stay.

Lizard Island

It is situated in the east of the Great Barrier Reef and a picturesque gateway. With a broad stretch of 1000 hectares, it takes in pride having 23 stunning beaches. The Reef is surrounded by green lands and rocks.

Bondi Beach

The last but not least, without landing on Bondi Beach, the Australian beach trip may not be complete. This is due to its popularity and Surf Life Saving Club. Throngs of people sprawl here and relax with their casual beach attire. It is an ideal spot for conducting long time fixtures. There are a lot of accommodation suites available for the tourists.

It is worth exploring these top ten beaches in Australia, while there are still others to explore. Happy beaching!

Travel to Mexico in Summer Time

Most travelers are never sure whether or not summer is a good time to visit Mexico. Over the years, Mexico has been known to be a winter escape but there are reasons why you should consider visiting Mexico during the summer Months. Of course, some travelers already know it as a favorite summer destination as it has tropical beaches and cuisine and plenty of activities to enjoy. Some of the things you can’t miss out when here is exploring the different cultures, interacting with the locals, and dining the local food. Mexico is a diverse country and has so much that every traveler can explore in weeks or even months.

In terms of weather, Mexico experiences warm temperatures throughout the year. As you travel to this beautiful country in summer, expect to find 80-degree sunshine which is why you shouldn’t forget to park your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat. Of course, you’ll need to drink lots of water as well. Let’s look at some of the things you’ll be exploring when you visit Mexico in summer.

Colorful Festivals and Events

There’s no perfect time to experience and enjoy the country’s vibrant cultural offerings than in summer. One of the activities you can’t miss out include the vibrant Gueleguetza Festival, a cultural event that features traditional dances from different groups across the country. The event is held annually and takes place in Oaxaca City in July. The wine harvesting season in Cities like Baja California, Queretaro, and San Miguel de Allende takes place in summer and this is the time to experience the vendemia celebrations. In July, Guanajuato holds the GIFF Film Festival and the Cervantino Festival.

Unique Wildlife Experiences

We both know that there are certain activities that can only be enjoyed best in summer. Bring along your family so you can interact with sea creatures in Mexico. Note that summer is usually the sea turtle season across the state. Time to watch Female sea turtles nest and lay eggs before the babies start hatching in May and June. Summer is also the best time to come here and swim beside whale sharks.

The Weather

Those who haven’t been to Mexico often rule it out thinking summertime is usually too hot to bear. This is not true. The weather conditions in Mexico vary from one region to the other. While the norther region of Mexico may receive temperatures of up to 100 F the coastal region is usually not extremely hot. Southern and central Mexico experience a rainy season, though it doesn’t rain every day. Visitors can still plan their activities. For travelers who don’t like a lot of heat, there are destinations located inland at higher altitudes and offer cooler temperatures all year-round.

Low Season Deals

Unlike during the Spring Break and the Christmas holiday season, summertime is considered the low travel season for Mexico. What does that mean for you? Simple, you get to enjoy low season deals and promotions. Whether you’re coming here for a family getaway or seeking for a romantic escape, this is the best time to experience great value for travel. There are few crowds at this time which means there’s supper-attentive service.

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