Summer: travel time by bike . With the arrival of the warm season it is time to take the bicycle out of the garage or cellar and put it back on the road to discover the nature and beauty of Italy.

In fact, in our country there are many itineraries for two-wheel enthusiasts who want to combine the desire to go mountain-biking with that of getting to know new places. Which bike trips can you make in Italy ? There are many routes and itineraries that can be traveled both solo and with friends, using racing bikes or MTBs . It is also a perfect solution for families who want to spend time together, giving children an alternative and highly educational experience.

Travel by bike: 5 itineraries in Italy
Italy is a country full of surprises, especially for those who want to discover it riding a bike. In solitary or with the whole family, with their partner or with children: it does not matter, in our country in fact there are numerous itineraries for those who love cycling , which allow to combine physical activity, desire to socialize and great discoveries. Along the entire boot there are several extraordinary and exciting routes, we reveal the most beautiful to travel this summer.

1. Travel by bike in Puglia from Bisceglie to Trani

Few people know this, but in Puglia there are many cycling routes , perfect for getting to know this region better, between history, nature and tradition. To approach the discovery of this corner of Italy you can choose a path that combines the mystery of the Baroque and the beauty of the Apulian coast. The road is 24 km long and leads from Giovinazzo to Trani, following the coastline, which winds along the heel of Italy. The bike ride allows you to visit Molfetta, with its magnificent Cathedral of San Corrado, and the inscrutable Bisceglie, with a splendid Cathedral. Once in Trani , after admiring natural and historical beauties, stroll along the harbor and reach the Sant’Antonio fort and the Cathedral.

2. Bike trip in Liguria on the Riviera di Levante
Suitable for families, but also for those who are very familiar with the bicycle , this cycle route in Liguria starts from Levanto and returns to the starting point, creating a loop of 22 km. The route is not particularly demanding and is more accessible than the other three in the region. The road touches on some important points in Liguria, such as Framura and Bonassola, and is well protected and safe. To make it spectacular the nineteenth-century galleries and the sea ​​view that appears and disappears between one tunnel and another, leaving you breathless. Along the bike tour on the Ligurian seayou can stop to enjoy the sun or take a dip in the water. The best point? The beach of Porto Pidocchio, not far from Framura.

3. Travel by bike to Tuscany to discover the Maremma

A chic destination dedicated to those who want to discover Tuscany in a different way: the Maremma is a mix of wild nature and tradition. Here a cycle route leads from Capalbio up to Porto Santo Stefano, passing through Mount Argentario and Porto Ercole. The route is a good 76 kilometers long, but it is also accessible to children . The road is in fact flat, paved and with little traffic, only partially unpaved.

Along the way you will be amazed, discovering the landscape around you that changes, always giving you great surprises. From the lagoon areas, rich in fauna and flora, to the beauty of Capalbio Scalo, passing through Ansedonia, up to the Duna Famiglia nature reserve. The last stop is the splendid Argentario. On the way back you can take your bike along a new parallel road, to always admire something new on the most fascinating of the cycle paths in Tuscany .

4. Bike trip in Tuscany on the Tyrrhenian coast
The Tuscany offers many routes for cyclists and summer is even more fascinating. It is also considered one of the best regions for children and families, thanks to excellent facilities and routes suitable for everyone. The best cycle route in Tuscany if you’re traveling with the little ones is the one found in the Migliarino Regional Park . It has a variable length, depending on the needs, from 11 to 26 km, and crosses the nature reserve. If you wish you can stop in the middle of the journey, to take a break, discover something new and visit the sixteenth-century estate of San Rossore. The landscape is unique in the world, thanks to the sea water that, due to its proximity, has shaped the earth.

5. Bike trip in Veneto over the Treviso hills

Mysterious, green and fascinating, Veneto is the perfect region to explore by bike , especially in summer. The most spectacular area is undoubtedly that of the Treviso hills , between nature, good wine and a culture of food that will fascinate you. Here cyclists often build the route that starts from Montebelluna and returns to the same point. It is 37 km that lead through roads with little traffic, countryside and dirt roads. Along the way you will see the abbey of Sant’Eustachio, a must see, but also Biadene, Ciano, Nervesa della Battaglia and Giavera del Montello. If you want to try an alternative route, follow the slopes of Montello , the relief that dominates the Treviso plain, between woods and a nature to be discovered.