An airline specifically designed for millennials , able to guarantee economic prices and fabulous destination. It is not a dream, but it is Joon (from the French “jeune”, “young”), a new “sister” of Air France. The aim is to meet the interests of young people, starting with prices : flights departing from Paris to medium-haul destinations such as Berlin, Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona will also be available starting from just $ 46, from the first of December onwards.

But it does not end here: the company has announced interesting offers for 2018. Long-haul flights will start off at favorable prices: the trip to Fortaleza, Brazil, twice a week will cost only $ 295 one way while towards Mahé, in the Seychelles, three times a week, will cost $ 354 one way. A baggage allowance is allowed and snacks are offered on board.

To meet the interests of users so young, the company also offers something unusual . First of all, the crew will wear “bizarre” sneakers and uniforms, able to recreate a sporty but chic, electric blue look. As far as entertainment is concerned, a revolution is also foreseen: virtual reality viewers will be provided to allow young passengers not to get bored. A rooftop bar will be provided, which will serve healthy food and carefully selected drinks (some of which will contain vitamins). I wonder if the millennials will find their paradise in this company. For her part, Joon hopes she can become the “new way of traveling for young people”.