Considered in all respects among the most beautiful cities in Portugal , Porto is full of charm and liveliness. Among marvelous azulejos and the unmistakable scent of the most famous wine of all time, the port of the same name, the Portuguese town is gently lapped by the sea, which frames it and makes it a little jewel.

Porto is located in the north of Portugal, enjoys excellent connections and is also reached by the major low-cost airlines. This particular makes it the perfect destination , suitable for every wallet and any type of traveler. Indeed, Porto is a concentrate of beauty that can be easily visited even in a few days, following our advice to the letter. Let’s find out all the special things to see in Porto, ideas about where and what to eat, what to do in Porto in the evening and much more.

What to see in Porto: the steps not to be missed
If you are wondering what to see in Porto in just 5 days, below we have listed all the points of interest that you cannot miss. Discover the unmissable stages of your next vacation in the Portuguese city.

The Ribeira neighborhood
Visit Porto in 5 days
What to see in Porto: the district of Ribeira

The warmth of the sun, the smell of salt air and the sea breeze characterize the Ribeira neighborhood , a UNESCO heritage site and symbol of the city of Porto. Here you will breathe deeply the essence of the Portuguese town, exploring its most characteristic neighborhood among colorful buildings and barcos rabelos (small boats docked at the marina).

The peculiarity of this neighborhood is that it directly overlooks the Douro river , which you can explore right aboard one of the boats mentioned above. The whole district of La Ribeira teems with life: every alley, hidden corner, cobbled street and square explodes with colors and scents, thanks to the presence of many shops and typical bars.

The church of San Francesco
It is easy to indicate what to see in Porto: everything is immersed in an aura of charm with a unique combination, between the decadent and the rustic. If the roads offer these sensations, the same cannot be said for the astonishing Church of San Francesco . The external structure, sparse and almost without personality, hides an unexpected opulence and richness: it is in fact one of the most beautiful and particular churches in Portugal.

Finely decorated and rich in details, the church of Sao Francisco shines with its inlays in gilded wood . The baroque style, typical of the 1700s, is evident and preponderant: more than 100kg of gold have been used for the interiors of this religious structure. The look is lost everywhere, because every corner hides a particular detail. Unmissable.