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This new airline is the dream of every millennial (very low prices and fabulous destinations)

An airline specifically designed for millennials , able to guarantee economic prices and fabulous destination. It is not a dream, but it is Joon (from the French “jeune”, “young”), a new “sister” of Air France. The aim is to meet the interests of young people, starting with prices : flights departing from Paris to medium-haul destinations such as Berlin, Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona will also be available starting from just $ 46, from the first of December onwards.

But it does not end here: the company has announced interesting offers for 2018. Long-haul flights will start off at favorable prices: the trip to Fortaleza, Brazil, twice a week will cost only $ 295 one way while towards Mahé, in the Seychelles, three times a week, will cost $ 354 one way. A baggage allowance is allowed and snacks are offered on board.

To meet the interests of users so young, the company also offers something unusual . First of all, the crew will wear “bizarre” sneakers and uniforms, able to recreate a sporty but chic, electric blue look. As far as entertainment is concerned, a revolution is also foreseen: virtual reality viewers will be provided to allow young passengers not to get bored. A rooftop bar will be provided, which will serve healthy food and carefully selected drinks (some of which will contain vitamins). I wonder if the millennials will find their paradise in this company. For her part, Joon hopes she can become the “new way of traveling for young people”.

Palazzo Altieri, the jewel of Oriolo Romano

The water comes out of the mouths of four masks, facing the four cardinal points, which indicate the winds. Each mask is characterized in such a way as to recall its wind. We could be in the magical world of Narnia, where Clive Staples Lewis’s fantasy created surreal settings, like this one, it would seem.

But no!

Water, mouths and masks are the elements that characterize the Fontana delle Picche, created by Vignola, perhaps … there is no certainty.

Oriolo Romano. We look at it fascinated, but it takes only a little and immediately we notice an imposing and majestic building, it is Palazzo Altieri. This is why we find ourselves here, where in 1981 the film set of the famous film Marquis del Grillo was hosted.

Thus began our journey in the sixteenth century inside Palazzo Altieri including frescoes depicting places owned by the family: Vicarello, Castello di Rota, Monterano. The Popes’ Gallery, with portraits of all the popes. It is a unique collection on the historical, artistic and heraldic side. There are portraits of Raphael, Titian and Caravaggio: in all there are 268.

But to make this place special, however, is not only its history and its wonderful interiors, it is above all Mr. Silvano, the custodian, who with passion and dedication explained to us the meaning of each room, thus giving that visit something more that only a true enthusiast can do.

We cross the corridors sometimes long, others very short and we dive into the soft colors that characterize the Italian ‘500.

Unfortunately, the interior furnishings have remained very little, but all that is original … and working out of imagination, we imagine ladies and knights who have filled these places and children chasing each other in the wonderful inner courtyard, with centuries-old trees clearly visible from windows.

Valuable decorations on the walls of many of the many rooms, all with original floors. Very beautiful wooden shutters of finely decorated windows, all with glass of the time. A dive into the past through 14 rooms on the right and left of the Salone degli Avi with the portraits of the Altieri, their coats of arms and coat of arms, the fulcrum of the building.

Joe Gebbia: “My first trip to Barcelona and a bed covered in ants, AirBnb was born from an inflatable mattress”

The company he founded 11 years ago is now worth 30 billion dollars and currently offers 4 million ads spread across 191 countries, but the creator of AirBnb , Joe Gebbia, has decided to kick off a project in collaboration with Anci and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to re-evaluate the ” Italian villages “. Interviewed by Repubblica , the very rich 36 year old tells how the idea of ​​AirBnB was born and how it never chose to help the villages of Italy not to die.

“In 2007, my former university colleague Brian had moved to my house and the owner had just increased his rent, and in those days in San Francisco there was a big design conference: finding a bed was a utopia I had an idea and in one night the site “Air bed and breakfast” was born: inflatable mattress, desk and wi-fi at twenty dollars a night “. […] It was the beginning of everything “.

AirBnb was born even after the experience – sometimes traumatic – of Gebbia’s first trip around Europe, with a friend.

“The hostel was a luxury: on the Côte d’Azur we slept in tent with forty degrees.We got so tired in Barcelona that we could not even mount it: we threw our sleeping bags on the ground and woke up covered with ants”.

Now, however, the project with the ministry and the ANCI to prevent the Italian villages from becoming ghosts in the near future.

“Now we are in Italy to promote the project on the villages: in 2050, 60 percent of the population will live in big cities and small towns are likely to die.” A portal was born to rent the vacant houses to travelers, and we have a recovery project of degraded spaces. […] A company like ours has a social responsibility “.

Brussels, the capital of comics

Brussels is the capital of many things: Belgium, political Europe and some say beer. But it is definitely the European capital of comics : in no city the ninth art enjoys equal attention and space.

To find out just take a trip to the Comics Art Museum , the Brussels comic strip museum, housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta: not a small museum, but the largest in Europe for comics. The only one to be able to afford 7 permanent exhibitions and 2 temporary exhibitions, such as the one that until June 3, 2018 focuses on the new generation of Belgian Flemish language cartoonists or the two beautiful retrospectives, which until a few days ago featured the our Gipi and Asterix.

Because in Brussels, the comic can keep together adults and children, local and global, tied to one, only red thread. This is further proof of the exhibition Art is Comic , at Mima, where until December 2017 seven European artists such as Jean Jullien and Joan Cornellà, tell the “human comedy” through panels, paintings, sculptures between street art and comics.

That the comic in Brussels is not a “minor” genre, then demonstrates the large number of comics in the city: the first very supplied is located right in the Comics Center and has the appearance of an elegant bookshop. Others crowd the center, where starting from those of Boulevard Anspach and Rue du Midi, there are more than 15. An important number.

And from 8 years to September in the Parc du Bruxelles is held the Comic Strip Festival , international market exhibition, which this year for the first time has also extended to Bozar, the palace of fine arts. It is one of the most interesting festivals in Europe, cartoonists participate from all over the world and is a forge of emerging figurative artists, among which there could be – who knows? – the new Andrea Pazienza.

But Brussels deserves the title of capital of the ninth art especially as seen in its streets, where the comics take possession of the facades of entire buildings, drawing an unprecedented artistic journey into the city. They are not random designs: the murals try to capture the soul of the place that hosts them. If the child with wheelbarrow filled with objects by Boule and Bill, on rue du Chevreuil 195, announces the flea market of Jeu de Balle not far away, at Ralf König, the most widely read gay cartoonist in the world, he was asked to paint a corner of Rue de la Chaufferette, a few meters from Rue du Marché au Charbon, the gay street of Brussels.


If you know me, you know without a doubt that I can be a walking disaster, in many different ways. So obviously, it was only me to land on a guided tour of London in the rain (until then, all is well), late and running, without an umbrella, a big quechua backpack on the back and with a broken camera. Add to that that the theme of the guided tour of London was luxury and desserts through the neighborhoods of Soho and Mayfair and it started rather badly …

A guided tour of London: discover the city differently

In three years of living in London, I have never made a single guided tour of the city. It is often said that living in a city and being a tourist is very different and I can only agree. I explored South London, my little secret and unusual corners, I walked the city and the city center in all directions and I think I know the city well. But how do you really know a city of this size, which evolves at every moment? It’s impossible and it’s the work of a lifetime. And that’s why I finally decided to take a guided tour, to discover neighborhoods I know very little and from a different angle for me: a guided tour of London through Soho and Mayfair, and especially through luxury, desserts and chocolate. It is far from my usual items on museums, unusual neighborhoods, vantage points and pubs in London and that’s good! Because yes, we can eat well in London, I already told you about it, but I had not spoken to you about London in the form of a sweets paradise! And yet!

After the burnout of travel, the inspiration

My roots, I find them also in all those who inspire me every day. And among them, there are the travel bloggers. This funny and big dysfunctional family, those distant cousins ​​that I almost never see or once a year. We do not really know each other, we know each other by heart, we have never seen each other but we speak online every day. We have problems sometimes, we fight, we hate each other, we adore each other, we are the best friends in the world. As I grazed the burnout trip a month ago, they help me every day and support me.

I’ve thought a lot about these last few weeks, you can imagine. And it’s with travel bloggers, travelers, those people who inspire me every day and that I know or not that I found a strength, a desire to move forward, to surpass myself, a desire to to write and to embark on new projects of travel and work. It was by walking every day, thinking about what I really liked to do and listening to Allô La Planète that I knew where I wanted to go. It was by talking on the phone and emails to these bloggers and travelers that I found the smile and the inspiration. I even had the click for a book thanks to one of them. It’s by going to the Travel Bloggers Lounge, as every year, that I had all these new travel desires, that I found my desire to chew the world. The last evening of this show, we were more than fifty bloggers to chat and eat merrily at Les Voyageurs restaurant in Saint-Malo. I looked at these tables, I looked at all these people, I saw their projects, their passion, their smiles, their ambitions, their inspiration and I smiled too. I belong to this great family , I feel wonderful and I found inspiration and one of my small roots.


An uprooted nomad

Last week, I was walking in Brittany, between sea, forest and menhirs. Brittany is part of me, since I studied there for three years and it was there that I became an adult and I started to build my vision of the world. I had not been back for more than eight years.

Looking at the menhirs of Monteneuf , from top to bottom, I felt very small. I felt uprooted too. They are several meters tall, but they only need a few centimeters deep in the ground to stand for thousands of years. And I, meanwhile, unlike a tree or a megalith, I have no roots. Still, I’m standing, pretty much.

Since I was little, my family has moved. This is the lot of postman families and it never bothered me. I’m a nomad , my family is nomadic and my ancestors probably did not hold up either. My parents moved, my dad keeps coming and going, my sister moves, my aunt too, and for the first time since I was born, my grandma, at over 80, is moving too. I have never had a family home, a familiar place to come back after a long journey and the grandma’s house and her village was a bit of one of my only constants. And this year she leaves and it makes me weird. Looking at the Pyrenees from its window, I felt nostalgic, but also invigorated, inspired and ready to live each day more intensely. I hope she also sees a bit of that by looking off, the white peaks of mountains that have accompanied her every day for years. Nostalgia and inspiration.

Where to drink a coffee in Berlin?

Berlin is also a perfect city to explore the coffee culture . Unfortunately, I did not take the time to explore the best cafes in the city and I only have a good address for you:

  • Berliner Kaffeerösterei

This time it was Mathieu who took me to discover an extra tea room west of Berlin. The program includes teas and coffees from around the world and sugar in all its forms. In short, the perfect place for a greedy like me.

To learn more and go for a coffee in Berlin, I also let you discover the article in English by Julika .

Urban exploration and local walks in Berlin

The good weather was not at the rendezvous during my Berlin week and I had little opportunity to walk outside. I just had time to enjoy a sunny Sunday walk along the canal near my apartment, to see the impressive Olympic stadium during a frenzied treasure hunt and to do some urban exploration. in the company of passionate bloggers. The urbex is indeed very practiced by the Berliners and it must be said that the city is a particularly favorable ground for this kind of exploration. Aline of Nowmadnow has a lot to say on the subject.

My first urban exploration session is not very authentic, but took us to a beautiful place. It was during a treasure hunt organized by Visit Berlin that I took a liking to this type of exploration. Using a photographic index, we first had to find a place in Berlin: this led us to the beautiful Art Deco swimming pool in Charlottenburg. Our reward? A visit to Teufelsberg , an abandoned place responsible for the history of the Second World War and the Cold War. The place can now be visited during organized visits or paying the entrance to a very uncomfortable guard. The view of Berlin is magical (you can get a similar view while climbing up the Grunewald hillnext door) and the place is great for photography and street art lovers .


Visit Berlin as a local

I already had the chance to visit Berlin as a tourist a few years ago for long weekends. Result: I know the tourist areas well. By cons, I had never really tasted the local life . I was able to catch up a little over a month ago, when I was in town for a blogging workshop, followed by ITB, a huge tourism and travel fair. On the program, work, work, networking and work.

It was an intense week, spent at the show and in transport, interspersed with some outings and adventures between bloggers. Finally, sleeping 5 hours a night, I had time to do a lot of things and investigate for you on local addresses that all Berlin knows or has yet to discover. Let’s go!

Where to eat like a local in Berlin?

In Berlin, we eat well and for cheap . My Berlin blogger friends (or not) took me on a tour of their gourmet addresses, so I share with you their finds. Watch out for extra pounds!

  • Max and Moritz , Wirthaus und Bühne

Without doubt the most tourist address of this article, because we met many French, but the locals come to feast too. A good and average budget place to sample typical German food. I let myself be conquered by goulash, bread and homemade beer.

  • Gozleme Restaurant

One snowy day in Finland , I met a couple of Brazilian bloggers living in Berlin. We became friends and since then they have made me discover real culinary delights in their neighborhood, Neukölln and Berlin. This small restaurant does not look, but Turkish food is inexpensive and fall. The Gozleme are filled breads and those with cheese will undoubtedly conquer you. But if you go to this restaurant, do not forget to try the manti , a traditional Turkish dish made of dumplingsstuffed with yogurt, garlic and spices. Yum!


Berlin , Berlin, Berlin. This is the only thing travelers have in mind when planning a trip to Germany . It was also my case, until this year. After my week as a local in Berlin , I decided to visit friends in the south for a week. A carpool ride later (it became one of my favorite means of travel), I found myself in Bavaria in Munich , in a world very different from the one I had left.

A bright sun had replaced the cold and drizzle. The atmosphere so special to the capital had of course disappeared, replaced by a good-natured atmosphere, a little snobbery and a lot of money. Instead of Berlin’s almost incoherent architecture, there were pretty buildings straight out of a Disney fairy tale. Finish the Döner, hello Knödel and other festivities. On the other hand the beer remains universally German … I really liked my short stay in Bavaria, enlivened by walks in the sun and on snowy lakes, restaurants outings and afternoons with friends. One thing is certain, it will certainly not be my last trip to Germany …

After that, head for the Baden-Württemberg countryside to visit another friend, Sarah , my faithful traveling companion. In the program snow, cold and total immersion in the life of a German family. Lots of food, card games, billiards, walks in the countryside, fireside parties and company. The best I think is that I let you discover all this in pictures …

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