Most travelers are never sure whether or not summer is a good time to visit Mexico. Over the years, Mexico has been known to be a winter escape but there are reasons why you should consider visiting Mexico during the summer Months. Of course, some travelers already know it as a favorite summer destination as it has tropical beaches and cuisine and plenty of activities to enjoy. Some of the things you can’t miss out when here is exploring the different cultures, interacting with the locals, and dining the local food. Mexico is a diverse country and has so much that every traveler can explore in weeks or even months.

In terms of weather, Mexico experiences warm temperatures throughout the year. As you travel to this beautiful country in summer, expect to find 80-degree sunshine which is why you shouldn’t forget to park your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat. Of course, you’ll need to drink lots of water as well. Let’s look at some of the things you’ll be exploring when you visit Mexico in summer.

Colorful Festivals and Events

There’s no perfect time to experience and enjoy the country’s vibrant cultural offerings than in summer. One of the activities you can’t miss out include the vibrant Gueleguetza Festival, a cultural event that features traditional dances from different groups across the country. The event is held annually and takes place in Oaxaca City in July. The wine harvesting season in Cities like Baja California, Queretaro, and San Miguel de Allende takes place in summer and this is the time to experience the vendemia celebrations. In July, Guanajuato holds the GIFF Film Festival and the Cervantino Festival.

Unique Wildlife Experiences

We both know that there are certain activities that can only be enjoyed best in summer. Bring along your family so you can interact with sea creatures in Mexico. Note that summer is usually the sea turtle season across the state. Time to watch Female sea turtles nest and lay eggs before the babies start hatching in May and June. Summer is also the best time to come here and swim beside whale sharks.

The Weather

Those who haven’t been to Mexico often rule it out thinking summertime is usually too hot to bear. This is not true. The weather conditions in Mexico vary from one region to the other. While the norther region of Mexico may receive temperatures of up to 100 F the coastal region is usually not extremely hot. Southern and central Mexico experience a rainy season, though it doesn’t rain every day. Visitors can still plan their activities. For travelers who don’t like a lot of heat, there are destinations located inland at higher altitudes and offer cooler temperatures all year-round.

Low Season Deals

Unlike during the Spring Break and the Christmas holiday season, summertime is considered the low travel season for Mexico. What does that mean for you? Simple, you get to enjoy low season deals and promotions. Whether you’re coming here for a family getaway or seeking for a romantic escape, this is the best time to experience great value for travel. There are few crowds at this time which means there’s supper-attentive service.